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Tax Foreclosure Listings

DISCLAIMER: The information contained on this website is created strictly for the convenience of the general public. Ruff, Bond, Cobb, Wade and Bethune, L.L.P. cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies in the information provided. Potential purchasers should exercise due diligence before bidding on any property at a tax foreclosure sale.

Tax foreclosure sales shown here are conducted in accordance with the provisions of N.C.G.S. 105-374. Opening bid prices will be shown when the sales are set. All sales take place in the Mecklenburg County Courthouse, 832 East 4th Street, Charlotte, N.C.

NOTE: Tax Foreclosure Bidder Advisory

It is vital that all tax foreclosure tax sale auctions are free from collusion, bid rigging, and any other activity designed to suppress the final outcome of the auction.  The expectation for tax foreclosure auctions is that free and open competition exists in bidding at all times.  For the process to work, private individuals and organizations participating in the bidding process must do so independently. When competitors collude, or engage in bid rigging, they are subject to criminal prosecution by the Antitrust Division of the United States Department of Justice, and/or local prosecution. The relevant North Carolina statute is G.S. 75-1, the Unfair Trade Practice Act (UTPA).   This can be enforced by individuals; or by the NC Attorney General and the local District Attorney. Civil and criminal penalties are assessed for violations; criminal violations are a felony.

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Updated On December 7, 2018

Hood Road Development 12.75 Acres 28215  111-021-16   17-CVD-18618 Current Bid   $70,000.00     12/17/2018
James Anthony Lowe 5912; 5917 Neck Rd.; 11360 Johnson Davis Rd. 28078 023-022-08; 023-012-18; 013-032-09 18-CVD-4108 No Sale Date Set
Jennifer R. Perkins-Randolph 2310 Bugle Court 28273 201-371-09 18-CVD-5401 No Sale Date Set
Gloria Dean Davis 515 W. 28th Street 28206 079-078-17 17-CVD-17532 Current Bid   $56,700.00 12/10/2018
Randall A. Wolf 17511 Old Statesville Road, Huntersville 28078 005-443-26 18-CVD-9894 No Sale Date Set
Heirs of Elizabeth Hartsell 729 Dawn Circle 28213 089-211-13 18-CVD-12303 Current Bid   $27,600.00 12/17/2018
Heirs of Elizabeth Gaiten 1820 Brewton Drive 28206 075-105-20 18-CVD-13884 Current Bid   $35,000.00 12/17/2018
Frances Davis Johnson 13032 John Bostar Lane 28215 111-081-01 18-CVD-14733 Current Bid   $36,750.00 12/17/2018
John and Karen Albertson 2831 New Pineola Road 28208 143-081-54 18-CVD-14734 Current Bid   $15,487.50 12/6/2018
Heirs of James M. Shumaker 1012 Vanizer Street 28208 071-094-30 18-CVD-14933 Current Bid   $76,000.00        12/07/2018
Heirs of Bobby R. Mason 2515 Ellen Avenue 28208 143-062-13 18-CVD-14984 No Sale Date Set
Charlie Lynah 634 Northway Drive 28208 063-053-54 18-CVD-7079 No Sale Date Set
Southern Land Management, LLC 3009 West Boulevard 28208 143-081-06 18-CVD-17637 No Sale Date Set
 4607 Belle Plaine Trust 4607 Belle Plaine Drive 28215 107-023-09 18-CVD-17607 No Sale Date Set
George W. McGriff (Equity Solutions) Four Lots on Pamela Street, Huntersville 28078 013-024-36; -37; -38; -39 18-CVD-17608 No Sale Date Set
Cynthia Kissee Hedgepeth 9009 Westminster Drive, Huntersville 28078 015-262-05 18-CVD-17395 Current Bid   $22,000.00       12/14/2018
Wendell Napoleon Brown 3125 Sam Drenan Road 28205 157-021-26 18-CVD-18474 No Sale Date Set
Mark J. Wittig 6808 Linkside Court 28277 225-403-16 18-CVD-18475 No Sale Date Set
Heirs of J.W. Auten, Jr. 306 Central Avenue, Huntersville 28078 019-074-15 18-CVD-17638 Current Bid   $8,750.00       12/17/2018
Heirs of J.A. Black, Sr. 7826 Burch Shire Road 28269 037-228-26 18-CVD-20312 No Sale Date Set
Heirs of Frank Barringer 11528 McCoy Road, Huntersville 28078 015-271-11 18-CVD-20313 No Sale Date Set
Robert Wade Fox 3021 New Pineola Road 28208 143-066-02 18-CVD-19896 No Sale Date Set
Danny Lee Dillbeck 2410 Ellen Avenue 28208 143-066-04 18-CVD-19897 No Sale Date Set
Ministerio Internacional Lirios de Los Valles 3998 & 3910  Beatties Ford Road, Charlotte 28216 041-081-10; -11 18-CVD-20835 No Sale Date Set
Tres Compadres, LLC 7814 Shadow Lawn Road 28269 037-227-26 18-CVD-20834 No Sale Date Set
Jose Andujar Lot on Clay Bank Drive 28227 139-129-74; -99 18-CVD-21410 No Sale Date Set