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Tax Foreclosure Listings

DISCLAIMER: The information contained on this website is created strictly for the convenience of the general public. Ruff, Bond, Cobb, Wade and Bethune, L.L.P. cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies in the information provided. Potential purchasers should exercise due diligence before bidding on any property at a tax foreclosure sale.

Tax foreclosure sales shown here are conducted in accordance with the provisions of N.C.G.S. 105-374. Opening bid prices will be shown when the sales are set. All sales take place in the Mecklenburg County Courthouse, 832 East 4th Street, Charlotte, N.C.

NOTE: Tax Foreclosure Bidder Advisory

It is vital that all tax foreclosure tax sale auctions are free from collusion, bid rigging, and any other activity designed to suppress the final outcome of the auction.  The expectation for tax foreclosure auctions is that free and open competition exists in bidding at all times.  For the process to work, private individuals and organizations participating in the bidding process must do so independently. When competitors collude, or engage in bid rigging, they are subject to criminal prosecution by the Antitrust Division of the United States Department of Justice, and/or local prosecution. The relevant North Carolina statute is G.S. 75-1, the Unfair Trade Practice Act (UTPA).   This can be enforced by individuals; or by the NC Attorney General and the local District Attorney. Civil and criminal penalties are assessed for violations; criminal violations are a felony.

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Updated On November 12, 2019

Jennifer R. Perkins-Randolph 2310 Bugle Court 28273 201-371-09 18-CVD-5401 No Sale Date Set
Randall A. Wolf 17511 Old Statesville Road, Huntersville 28078 005-443-26 18-CVD-9894 No Sale Date Set
Robert Wade Fox 3021 New Pineola Road 28208 143-066-02 18-CVD-19896 Current Bid $90,388.20 11/12/2019
Heirs of Monica K. Horton 4616 Morningwood Drive, Matthews 28105 227-221-26 19-CVD-47 Current Bid $31,605.00 11/18/2019
Heirs of Doris D. Wilborn 2614 Golf Course Lane 28208 117-085-02 19-CVD-1289 No Sale Date Set
Heirs of James M. Taylor 8025 Wilson Woods Drive, Mint Hill 28227 137-076-24 19-CVD-2014 No Sale Date Set
Estate of James earl Davis 1231 & 1300 Caldwell Williams Road & Unnumbered Lot 28216 035-111-21; 035-121-11; 035-121-30 19-CVD-3056 No Sale Date Set
Vera Elaine Moss 2011 Belmeade 28214 053-032-01 19-CVD-2760 No Sale Date Set
Charles Blair 713 Bilmark Avenue 28213 089-135-33 19-CVD-4146 Current Bid $20,727.00 11/12/2019
Provident Development Group, Inc. Lot containing 10.50 (+/-) acres 28216 037-071-52 19-CVD-6035 No Sale Date Set
Heirs of Ada P. Haney (1) 617 W. Craighead Rd (2) 3626 Midfield Drive 28206 085-112-09 & 085-113-18 19-CVD-6432 Current Bid $42,253.31 11/18/2019
Sylvia Massey-Phillips 4122 Bryan Furr Drive 28214 041-112-15 19-CVD-6585 Current Bid $84,234.59 11/18/2019
Heirs of Ruby Trapp Burch 305 Central Avenue, Huntersville 28078 019-082-05 19-CVD-7291 Current Bid $38,896.20 11/22/2019
Travis O. Holland 1840-G J.Julian Lane 28208 061-171-29 19-CVD-8830 No Sale Date Set
Jacqueline King 518 Graham Meadow Drive 28213 089-172-54 19-CVD-8846 No Sale Date Set
Heirs of Evelyn D. Hayden 3353 Eastwood Drive 28205 093-062-10 19-CVD-9435 DISMISSED
R&W Investment Properties, LLC 331 S. Crigler Street 28208 063-012-12 19-CVD-10512 No Sale Date Set
Heirs of Faye S. Ofsonka 4238 Dowling Drive 28205 101-036-13 19-CVD-11043 DISMISSED
The Premier Group 3028 Morning Drive 28208 145-187-14 19-CVD-11042 Current Bid $14,418.00 11/18/2019
Heirs of Ira Lauderdale 905 Aileen Circle 28134 205-113-19 19-CVD-14725 Current Bid $25,000.00 11/18/2019
Bill Nichols 9200 Moores Chapel Road 28214 055-111-06 19-CVD-15641 No Sale Date Set
Heirs of Marshall A. Nail 5624 Lawnmeadow Drive 28216 037-137-27 19-CVD-15642 Sale set for Tuesday, 11/19/19 at noon; Opening Bid $15,000.00
Heirs of Esau Peterson 2000 St. Mark Street 28216 075-032-06 19-CVD-15887 No Sale Date Set
Bob McLemore and Co., Inc. (1) Landlocked Lot, Golden Spike Dr. (2) 5708 Beaver Dam Ln. 28227 135-365-22 & 135-365-01 19-CVD-15886 Sale set for Tuesday, 11/19/19 at noon; Opening Bid $43,000.00
Heirs of Lonne T. Wilmore 10901 Montecarlo Drive 28078 015-181-01 19-CVD-16017 Current Bid $9,000.00       11/15/2019
Mark A. Honeycutt 12601 Asbury Chapel Road 28078 019-181-27 19-CVD16016 Current Bid $13,250.00       11/22/2019
4319 Briarhill Trust 4319 Briarhill Drive 28215 099-165-21 19-CVD-16530 DISMISSED
Heirs of Mary Frances Roe 6432 Mintbrook Drive, Mint Hill 28227 137-098-18 19-CVD-16616 Current Bid $8,000.00       11/15/2019
Heirs of Barbara P. Shoaff Lot on Juniper Drive, Charlotte 28269 041-124-29 19-CVD-16615 DISMISSED        
Heirs of Ester Ray Sims Lot on Linden Street, Matthews 28105 215-031-09 19-CVD-16837 Sale set for Tuesday, 11/19/19 at noon; Opening Bid $16,000.00 `
Ben Devane 1517 Princess Place 28208 067-041-29 19-CVD-16838       Current Bid $39,000.00              11/22/2019
Pawtucket on the Green Condo Assoc. 9119-I Spyglass Place 28214 055-451-35 19-CVD-16953 Sale set for Tuesday, 11/19/19 at noon; Opening Bid $10,500.00
Glenlea Park Homeowners Assoc, Inc. 1710 Glenlea Vista Court 28216 037-112-49 19-CVD-16952 DISMISSED
Charlotte Outpad Associates Lot on 5709 South Boulevard 28210 171-141-32 19-CVD-17717 Sale set for Tuesday, 11/19/19 at noon; Opening Bid $7,500.00
Heirs of E.B. Bivens 7810 Shadow Lawn Road 28269 037-227-27 19-CVD-17916 No Sale Date Set
M.O.V.E. Holdings, LLC Lot on Kincey Avenue, Huntersville 28078 017-165-08 19-CVD-17917 Sale set for Tuesday, 11/19/19 at noon; Opening Bid $46,000.00
Albert Dulin Two tracts off Catalina Avenue 079-082-98 & 079-082-99 19-CVD-17781 No Sale Date Set
Alice Fraylon 512 Farmhurst Drive 28217 169-212-28 19-CVD-17780 No Sale Date Set
Providence Hospitality, LLC 9115-K Spyglass Place 28214 055-451-25 19-CVD-17779 No Sale Date Set
Heirs of Virginia Wesley 7301 Harrisburg Road 28215 108-031-13 19-CVD-18430 No Sale Date Set
Joseph D. Cathey 514 Porter Street 28208 063-114-07 19-CVD-18431 No Sale Date Set
Heirs of Odessa Howze 1856 Brownstone Street 28216 075-065-02 19-CVD-20056 No Sale Date Set
Charles Levon Holbrook 11940 McIntosh Drive 28078 015-282-11 19-CVD-20057 No Sale Date Set
Valerie Vaughns 1944 St. John Street 28216 075-053-04 19-CVD-20424 No Sale Date Set
Heirs of Annie E. Branham 2225 Irma Street 28216 075-028-13 19-CVD-20425 No Sale Date Set